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04:55 pm: At a Loss
Seems like im so wishy washy lately. there are goods and bads to everything and my life is so confusing. People make me feel loved, but i also feel like im being hit with things that arnt my problem. I love to help, but i dont think i can...
ALSO i love whitewater. its a great school and im happy, i just wish i had more of my type of people to hang out with. i dont one person here i would concider a close friend. i have people i really like and are good friends but no one i would concider a best friend or anything like that. blows.
im also way to involved in guys... im looking to hard for a boyfriend. i am not happy single but whatever i should just drop the whole thing and let life take its course.
im really happy most of the time but im so discontent with things in my life. UHG this sucks

why dont u love me?

Current Mood: drunkat a loss
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