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05:55 am: LIES LIES LIES
Ok so heres my thought. Ever find out some juicy information about someone... they have no idea you know. but when u ask them about it they lie? So you know they are lying straight to your face? Why cant people be comfortable with who they are? why do people find it necessary to hide things.... i dont go out of my way to say things but ask me something and im not gonna lie.... you just need to find the topic i have a juicy secret about... and ask... lol DONT LIE its not worth it...

Onto better things... i went to alverno. Saw Reese, Missy and Matt. I miss everyone so much it was SOOOOO much fun. I saw so many people that i havnt seen in a good 6 months. Made me smile...

<3 <3 good weekend
went to my brothers too
did get mad at one point and leave the restaurant to sit in the car for a while. But i came back

I <3 you
oh yeah and you too

<3 kt

Current Mood: irritatedirritated by liars
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